Christopher J. Cameron, PhD

Cornell University

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I am an experienced facilitator, manager and researcher with an excellent history of multi-institution, interdisciplinary collaboration. I am intimately familiar with day-to-day management and administration of research groups and developed, curated and maintained the computational resources for the Social Dynamics Lab at Cornell to support dozens of research projects. As a key investigator, I was engaged in the submission, execution, and management of multiple grants with a combined budget exceeding 5 million dollars.

I examine processes of diffusion, mobilization and stratiļ¬cation on social networks in the contexts of political polarization, radicalization, social movements, inequality, and public health. My diffusion research provides new insight about the structure of social networks and the spread of social contagions. My work with link-tracing network sampling produces practical results to support public health work. I apply an interdisciplinary toolkit, including social network analysis, simulation, statistical and computational methods to data derived from social media, surveys, and behavioral experiments. I am committed to driving and supporting social science innovation.